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Get the Red Out!

I’m moving old tip posts from a few years back, so that all my articles are in one place … This Photography Tip was published in May 2009.  If you missed it, you might enjoy it 🙂


Photo courtesy of PhotoAnswers.co.uk – Click to be taken to a Video Tutorial for Photoshop

The Red-Eye Effect in photography is the common appearance of red pupils in color photographs of eyes. It occurs when using a flash very close to the camera lens (which is the case with most compact cameras). This effect appears in the eyes of humans and many animal photographs and occurs because the flash is too fast for the pupil to close. So much of the light from the flash passes into the eye through the pupil, reflects off the back of the eyeball and out through the pupil. The camera records this reflected light.

The red eye effect in photos of animals can be quite different. Your pets have a reflective layer in the back of their eyes behind the retina which enhances their night vision. The color of this layer gives you a blue, green, yellow, or white eye effect which can be present in your pet, even when the ambient light is sufficient to prevent it in people.

The red-eye effect can be prevented or significantly reduced in a number of ways:

1) Try using a bounce flash where the flash head is aimed at a nearby light colored surface such as; a ceiling or wall. This both changes the direction of the flash and ensures that only diffused flash light enters the eye.

2) Placing the flash away from the camera’s lens (using an ‘off-camera flash’ and flash shoe) with your camera will change the angle that the light enters the eye, therefore reducing or eliminating the effect.

3) Whenever possible, take pictures without using the flash. You can try increasing the ambient lighting in the room, opening the lens aperture to let more light into the lens, setting your camera’s ISO to a higher speed, or reducing the shutter speed to increase the light that reaches your recorded exposure.

4) Using the red-eye reduction capabilities built into many digital cameras can reduce and often eliminate the effect by producing a series of short, low-power flash bursts triggering the iris to contract before the full-power of the flash is executed.

5) If you can increase the light in the room, the subject’s pupils are more constricted and will reflect back less light. You can also position yourself next to a strong light source in the room which will help constrict their pupils.

6) If you can not use any of the above options, then try having the subject look away slightly from the camera lens. If they focus their eyes just to the right or left of the camera lens, like the kitten shown here, often you’ll get great shots with bright natural colored eyes. The kitten was deep in the bushes; I used my flash but positioned myself just to the side and waited until kitty looked just slightly over my shoulder.



Birthday Flowers …

After months of working on and off of this new series, I can finally say with pride … IT’S DONE!  This series uses the flowers associated with each birth month and includes the meaning of the flower for the birthday recipient, in Birthday Greeting Cards for all twelve months.  I hope you enjoy my new collection!
December’s birth flower is the Poinsettia

Celebration of Life …

Very recently I learned more about this wonderful way to pay tribute to a life of someone we love and immediately my creative juices began to flow.  I just had to create Celebration of Life Service Ceremony Invitations and it seems they will do well based on the sales which have already come!

So I’ll share these recent creations with you today, some of course are available as photo cards.  You’ll need to click on the images to get where you’ll be able to see a large view and read the poems.

“Date with a Butterfly”  – I had the vision of this imagery as soon as I read the beautiful poem by an unknown author.  The many, many bits and pieces of elements and photographs came together to give a visual that matched the sentimental words for this Celebration of Life invitation.  I created two, a female and a male silhouette.

“The Road Home” –  also comes with both male and female silhouettes and is available as portrait or landscape card designs in gold and blue.  This design was created from a vision in my mind and a feeling I wished to evoke in the viewer … so the search began for a poem that suited that which I wanted to get across.  I found “The Road Home” also by an unknown author which seemed to say all that I wanted my imagery to portray.

So … that’s my Creative Moments of sharing today!  Now off to create!

Creative Moments . . .

Well … I’ve decided it’s time to get back to blogging my creative moments.  This year has been very busy, spending more time creating and adding new products to my stores than I  marketing myself … which has worked out well with the business growing by leaps and bounds.  I thought it time to start blogging again with new releases, since they are happening daily!
So, I’ll start with my newest release as of yesterday and I’ll also add a ‘moment that has past’ for each day as well to help catch up!

I had this vision for cards From the Pack … yes, the pack would be dogs, so I started putting together my idea using bits and pieces of wonderful elements from some of my favorite places like Brusheezy.  So here’s my latest releases:

As I often do, I like to take a basic design and change the elements to make it perfect for other occasions … here are my variations for Birthday, Party Invitations, Get Well and Congratulations from the pack!

So much fun to see a vision become a realty!

Creative Moment from the Recent Past: Miss You Most at Sunset – As I was falling asleep one night, I had the vision for this design and before drifting off, I had even written the words for the card … created both with a male and female silhouette, these cards have only been in the marketplace for about 45-days and have already become quite good sellers.

VOTE for Stephanie Laird’s Card!

Good morning everyone!

I know how much you’ve all enjoyed visiting the world of Stephanie Laird from my post last week and I’ve entered my favorite card from Stephanie’s Greeting Card Universe Store in a contest!  Today the voting opens, so please show your support for Stephanie’s creative talent and stop by this contest: A Little Help From My Friends and vote for her card, it’s #3 (shown below).  There is even a prize just waiting to be awarded to Stephanie if she gets enough votes so spread the word!  It’s free and easy voting – you don’t have to join anything.  Let’s vote Stephanie up!!    I VOTE for #3!   Take me to the VOTING POLL!

The Work of Stephanie Laird

Stephanie Laird’s digital creations are simply magnificent!  I have been drawn to her work from the first moment I saw it.   Stephanie proves that it is not the tools that create exceptional art, but the artist behind the tools.  All of her art is created using Photoshop Elements, which she has obviously mastered.  Stephanie says; “I personally believe that Elements can do just about anything editing wise that the more expensive softwares do.”   Not only does Stephanie have this belief, but she offers two E-Books on her website where she provides the detailed ‘how to’ steps for the Photoshop Elements techniques she applies in her work.  I purchased her books today,  I believe you can ALWAYS learn something new or be inspired by someone’s way of describing their technique; and I wanted to be able to say “they are worth the few dollars she’s asking”!  Any photographer out there and especially those who feel restrained because they don’t have the ‘professional editing tools’ that many of us do, should seriously considered spending the $17 for both of her e-books.  If you don’t get these types of results when you work in layers, then you’ll learn something from Stephanie.  Check out her books here:  Stephanie Laird E-Books

Choosing my favorite Stephanie Laird card is not easy, but every time I see this card, I have to stop and admire it.  There is something about the silhouette’s that Stephanie creates which are filled with emotion and they evoke feelings in me that either bring cherish memories flooding back, or make me feel as though I could step into the image and become part of it.  This card touches me because I have loved and lost so many companions over the years.

©Stephanie Laird

Stephanie’s cards are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

Artist of the Week: Cheryl Johnson

WEEK 5: JANUARY 11th, 2012

Chairul Art

I stumbled into Cheryl’s Greeting Card Universe Store a few months ago and fell in love with her style and versatility of subject matter.  I just had to share with those of you who have not visited the art of Cheryl Johnson, her fun and unique talent!  She graduated in 2000 with a BFA at the Maine College of Art and in addition to being a working artist, Cheryl is a proud mother of four!  She says her art is inspired by pattern, colors and shapes, leaning towards the detail which inspires her from Tibetan mandala art.

“I found a lot of joy in drawing pieces that made people look, then look again. I do dabble in conservative subject matter but my heart is always drawn back into the realm of the absurd…the place I live when I escape into my imagination. It’s a good place. I like it there.”  Cheryl Johnson

I wanted to share the creations of Cheryl Johnson by taking you on a journey through her world of art.   Enjoy  Chairul Art, and please be sure to visit her sites, leave her a comment on this blog and SHARE HER ART with the WORLD!

Visit Cheryl Johnson – at Greeting Card Universe by clicking  any card below!

Visit Cheryl Johnson – at Cafepress!

See you next week with another talent to share with the world!

Artist of the Week: Adam Thomas

WEEK 4: NOVEMBER 30th, 2011


Adam certainly doesn’t need any help for the world to know who he is, but I’m such a huge fan that I had to share his amazing art with all of you.  I first began to follow Adam when he joined Greeting Card Universe on July 16th, 2011.  I fell instantly in love with his use of color and recognizable style of oil paintings.  Each just draws you in and evokes a range of emotion and often a feeling of whimsy.  Adam studied at the Center for Creative Studies, in Michigan, majoring in Fine Art.   His paintings have been shown in galleries across the United States, were featured in the 2011 Lake Forest Showhouse and Gardens and also in Traditional Home Magazine.  Adam’s love for nature and animals extends to creating custom pet portraits in pastel.

I wanted to share the creations of Adam Thomas by taking you on a journey through his world of art.   Enjoy  The Art of Adam Thomas, please be sure to visit all his sites, leave him a comment on this blog and SHARE HIS ART with the WORLD!

Visit Adam Thomas – at Greeting Card Universe by clicking  any card below!

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Visit Adam-Thomas.com

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See you next week with another talent to share with the world!

Artist of the Week: Molly Harrison!

WEEK 3: NOVEMBER 16th, 2011

The Fantasy Art of MOLLY HARRISON

In a town nearby my very own Sierra Foothill residence,  Molly creates in her home-based studio located in northern California. Using primarily watercolor and ink, she brings the viewer into a world of fantasy which makes us feel as though we’ve stepped into our favorite childhood fairytale. Molly says; “One of my main inspirations, besides nature, spirit and soul, has been childrens books. I find the soft, lightheartedness in many of the works of art out there soul quenching.”    In college her career began as a musician, majoring in vocals where she was a member of a band and met her husband. After several years, she made the decision to pursue illustration graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration Design.

I wanted to share the ‘magic’ of Molly Harrison by taking you on a journey through her world of fantasy art.   Enjoy the sampling of Molly Harrison’s Art below, please be sure to visit all her sites, leave her a comment on this blog and SHARE HER ART with the WORLD!

Visit The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison at Greeting Card Universe by visiting any of these card links:

Visit Molly Harrison on Zazzle – Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find!

Be sure to stop by and visit Molly at Molly Harrison Art, follow her on Facebook and to see some more GORGEOUS creations swing over to Heaven and Earth Designs!

See you next week with another talent to share with the world!