Celebration of Life …

Very recently I learned more about this wonderful way to pay tribute to a life of someone we love and immediately my creative juices began to flow.  I just had to create Celebration of Life Service Ceremony Invitations and it seems they will do well based on the sales which have already come!

So I’ll share these recent creations with you today, some of course are available as photo cards.  You’ll need to click on the images to get where you’ll be able to see a large view and read the poems.

“Date with a Butterfly”  – I had the vision of this imagery as soon as I read the beautiful poem by an unknown author.  The many, many bits and pieces of elements and photographs came together to give a visual that matched the sentimental words for this Celebration of Life invitation.  I created two, a female and a male silhouette.

“The Road Home” –  also comes with both male and female silhouettes and is available as portrait or landscape card designs in gold and blue.  This design was created from a vision in my mind and a feeling I wished to evoke in the viewer … so the search began for a poem that suited that which I wanted to get across.  I found “The Road Home” also by an unknown author which seemed to say all that I wanted my imagery to portray.

So … that’s my Creative Moments of sharing today!  Now off to create!


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