Creative Moments . . .

Well … I’ve decided it’s time to get back to blogging my creative moments.  This year has been very busy, spending more time creating and adding new products to my stores than I  marketing myself … which has worked out well with the business growing by leaps and bounds.  I thought it time to start blogging again with new releases, since they are happening daily!
So, I’ll start with my newest release as of yesterday and I’ll also add a ‘moment that has past’ for each day as well to help catch up!

I had this vision for cards From the Pack … yes, the pack would be dogs, so I started putting together my idea using bits and pieces of wonderful elements from some of my favorite places like Brusheezy.  So here’s my latest releases:

As I often do, I like to take a basic design and change the elements to make it perfect for other occasions … here are my variations for Birthday, Party Invitations, Get Well and Congratulations from the pack!

So much fun to see a vision become a realty!

Creative Moment from the Recent Past: Miss You Most at Sunset – As I was falling asleep one night, I had the vision for this design and before drifting off, I had even written the words for the card … created both with a male and female silhouette, these cards have only been in the marketplace for about 45-days and have already become quite good sellers.


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