The Work of Stephanie Laird

Stephanie Laird’s digital creations are simply magnificent!  I have been drawn to her work from the first moment I saw it.   Stephanie proves that it is not the tools that create exceptional art, but the artist behind the tools.  All of her art is created using Photoshop Elements, which she has obviously mastered.  Stephanie says; “I personally believe that Elements can do just about anything editing wise that the more expensive softwares do.”   Not only does Stephanie have this belief, but she offers two E-Books on her website where she provides the detailed ‘how to’ steps for the Photoshop Elements techniques she applies in her work.  I purchased her books today,  I believe you can ALWAYS learn something new or be inspired by someone’s way of describing their technique; and I wanted to be able to say “they are worth the few dollars she’s asking”!  Any photographer out there and especially those who feel restrained because they don’t have the ‘professional editing tools’ that many of us do, should seriously considered spending the $17 for both of her e-books.  If you don’t get these types of results when you work in layers, then you’ll learn something from Stephanie.  Check out her books here:  Stephanie Laird E-Books

Choosing my favorite Stephanie Laird card is not easy, but every time I see this card, I have to stop and admire it.  There is something about the silhouette’s that Stephanie creates which are filled with emotion and they evoke feelings in me that either bring cherish memories flooding back, or make me feel as though I could step into the image and become part of it.  This card touches me because I have loved and lost so many companions over the years.

©Stephanie Laird

Stephanie’s cards are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!

9 thoughts on “The Work of Stephanie Laird

  1. Doreen, so glad to read this piece on Stephanie. I just got one of her horse cards for a friend’s birthday. It is beautiful as is the rest of her work. Thanks for another great story.

  2. What a wonderful gallery of images from one of your favorite artists – nicely done! I’ll definitely be bookmarking her e-books for a future purchase – sounds like a must have for my digital library shelf. Thank you for that lead!

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  4. I could not agree with anything more than your article on Stephanie has so well stated. Her gallery of offerings is amazingly wonderful and your display of them here is too. A big thumbs up to both of you!

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  6. Doreen, what a great write up and love the unique display of Stephanie’s cards. I am on my way to her site to purchase the ebooks you recommended – right after I vote for Stephanie’s card. As a pet lover with many pet loving friends, I am drawn to this card too.

    ABC by Sue

    • Thanks for the vote Sue and you will really enjoy the inspiration Stephanie’s books offer – I still have ideas floating around my head that I haven’t the time to deal with just yet . . . LOL!

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