Artist of the Week: Molly Harrison!

WEEK 3: NOVEMBER 16th, 2011

The Fantasy Art of MOLLY HARRISON

In a town nearby my very own Sierra Foothill residence,  Molly creates in her home-based studio located in northern California. Using primarily watercolor and ink, she brings the viewer into a world of fantasy which makes us feel as though we’ve stepped into our favorite childhood fairytale. Molly says; “One of my main inspirations, besides nature, spirit and soul, has been childrens books. I find the soft, lightheartedness in many of the works of art out there soul quenching.”    In college her career began as a musician, majoring in vocals where she was a member of a band and met her husband. After several years, she made the decision to pursue illustration graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration Design.

I wanted to share the ‘magic’ of Molly Harrison by taking you on a journey through her world of fantasy art.   Enjoy the sampling of Molly Harrison’s Art below, please be sure to visit all her sites, leave her a comment on this blog and SHARE HER ART with the WORLD!

Visit The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison at Greeting Card Universe by visiting any of these card links:

Visit Molly Harrison on Zazzle – Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find!

Be sure to stop by and visit Molly at Molly Harrison Art, follow her on Facebook and to see some more GORGEOUS creations swing over to Heaven and Earth Designs!

See you next week with another talent to share with the world!


One thought on “Artist of the Week: Molly Harrison!

  1. Another great featured artist, Doreen! I have to admit, I’m not always drawn to fantasy art, but her style is wonderful and there’s something about it that is VERY appealing to me, particularly the bright, colorful pieces. I especially like her feline artwork … that white fluffy feline reminds me of my own dear departed kitty. Great work, Molly!


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