Artist of the Week: Olivia Myers!

WEEK 2: NOVEMBER 9th, 2011

OLIVIA MYERS of Olivia and Company

I have been drawn to Olivia’s work from the moment I first saw it, hers is a style that just makes you smile. She describes herself as being a ‘kid at heart’ and that is so well expressed in her artwork which is mainly whimsical watercolor illustrations. Olivia majored in fine art and psychology after which her career in art began with freelancing for companies such as; Bradford Exchange, Gibson Greetings and as an exclusive artist at Annette Funicello Collectible Bear Company. Today you’ll find Olivia at her own business Olivia and Company which is quickly spreading across the world-wide-web. Look for Olivia at a family owned and operated business where she is one of the creatives who share ideas on t-shirts for the world to enjoy. Also stop by the Olivia and Company Graphic Site where you can find Scrap-booking goodies, art for Embroidery and so much more by becoming a member.

Enjoy the sampling of Olivia and Company below, please be sure to visit all her sites her, leave her a comment on this blog and above all else SHARE HER ART with the WORLD!

Visit Olivia and Company at Greeting Card Universe by visiting any of these card links:

Visit Olivia and Company on CafePress – Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find!

Be sure to stop by and visit Olivia at Olivia and Company Graphic Site, and to see some great t-shirts swing over to!

See you next week with another talent to share with the world!


6 thoughts on “Artist of the Week: Olivia Myers!

  1. What a talented artist! I’ve admired Olivia’s cards at GCU, but didn’t realize she had such an impressive resume. A great choice for your Artist Recognition, Doreen!

  2. Doreen, thank you for featuring Olivia, I have also admired Olivia’s work upon first glance.

    I think it was those adorable three birds on a branch that brought the first smiles to me.

    Wonderful to see all the different ways Olivia is getting her work out to the world.

    Here’s to continued inspiration, plenty of time to create and may the smiles you send to the world come back to greet you in many different ways!

    Here’s to you Olivia . . .
    O ne
    L ovable
    I maginative
    V ery
    I nspiring
    A rtist

    Best wishes always,

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