Oh How the Sea Calls to Me!

©Doreen Erhardt from the Child’s Play™ Boxed Card Collection

As a kid, I was lucky enough to spend a fair amount of my summer on road trips to the beach.  My mother loved the ocean, though she couldn’t swim so she and I would spend nearly every weekend collecting seashells and rocks which we would take home and polish to perfection.  Some I still have nearly 40-years later as a memory of my mother who has been gone many years.  With all those wonderful memories in tow, I still ended up spending the majority of my adult years visiting or living in the mountains.  From my first visit, the connection to the pines, oaks and fauna of the Sierra Foothills has held me close for 25-years.  The need to experience seasons so well expressed by both the weather a

nd foliage has kept me satisfed for many years; however…

©Doreen Erhardt from the Soul Sonnets™ Card Collection

Oddly enough this year I find myself not only missing the sound of crashing waves, the smell of seaweed and the feel of mist on my face that California’s beaches offer, but I am being drawn so strongly that we are actually considering relocating to a small coastal town.  I can envision us spending the last part of our life together with daily walks on the beach while the dogs romp in the waves that hit the shore. A bit shocking considering I love the solitude mountain living offers, but perhaps what I seek is not yet known to me.

©Doreen Erhardt – Card available through Greeting Card Universe

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than watching the pure innocence and thrill that both children and dogs experience as soon as their feet hit the sand!  When I visit the beach I find my camera capturing these moments of pure bliss by those who unlike me, have no responsibilities, no worries, and no guilt at expressing freedom and joy.   It may be too early to tell whether I will follow through with my beach house dream, but in the meantime I miss the coast and oh how the sea calls to me!

So indulge me and enjoy these cards of mine and other wonderful artists on Greeting Card Universe for a brief but potent dose of coastal satisfaction!

Top row are cards by Doreen Erhardt/Salon Of Art

Bottom row in order from Left to Right: Ramelle Richardson, Ricky Knowles, Kj’s & Nan Wright

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15 thoughts on “Oh How the Sea Calls to Me!

  1. Ahhh the coastal living – just be prepared to paint your house every 2-5 years. The salt air does corrode unlike the fresh gold country air. 🙂

  2. Doreen, what a lovely blog. I lost my mom a long time ago too, your mom would be so proud of you. Love the Tom and his adopted family video!

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  4. Great post Doreen and I hope you get easy access to the beach. I live a few blocks from the beach on the rough Washington coast and it’s a rich experience. I too have lived in the mountains, and the desert as well, but aside from the buildings taking a real beating, I would not trade it for anything. You have a great collection of cards here and I like Child’s Play a lot.

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  6. Great blog, Doreen. I love both the beach and the mountains… it would be a hard decision where I’d prefer to live! Luckily, we have some friends with a home at the top of a mountain and they invite us up several times a year. Now, guess we just need to make friends with someone that has a beach house 🙂

    • Hi Robin…You know we’ve always been the friends in the mountains that friends came to stay with, maybe that’s the answer – I simply need to make friends with someone who can give me a beach get away…hahaha!!

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  8. Doreen, Another wonderful blog and magnificent images! Like many others, I have lived deep in the mountains and close to the (Atlantic) coast. One time my Mother and I were riding along and saw a house with a For Sale Sign in front. Nailed up on the house, was a large board sign which read, “MUST BE MOVED.” Feeling empathy for the house, I said out loud, “Must be moved–story of my life.” My mother laughed. She has lived her whole life within a five mile radius. While her roots run deep, mine are short and fractured. They all tug at my heat at various times. However, the deepest call has always been that of the seashore. I never realized I would miss it. Nor did I even realize I DID miss it while living in the mountains of KY. Then I came home to Maine for a visit. While disembarking the plane in Portland, Maine, the smell and very feel of the salty air hit my face and filled my nostrils. I walked up the ramp with a flood of tears bathing my face. I knew then, my deepest roots lay here beside the ocean.
    And that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. (>8
    So once again Doreen, one of your greatest talents lay in the ability to engage your audience. See how we all feel free to chime in and tell our tale.
    What a great communicator you are. We all feel like you are our friend and indeed, you are.
    Thank you.

    • Oh Sue, what a wonderful story to share and so well told. Isn’t it funny how little we appreciate from our past until we mature enough to reach for those memories with a desire to cherish them? Thank you so much for sharing, for enjoying my own silly sentiments and for your friendship!

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