Ah…Sweet Blessed Summertime!

I was born in 1961 in a suburban area and the memories of those summers will always make me grateful for being a child during a time when kids were allowed to play unsupervised in the neighborhood from sun up to sun down.  At a time when we could get a softball team together in 10-minutes and shut down the street to play on those warm summer evenings with our parents cheering from their porches.  Those were the days when we would literally strap metal wheels to our shoes and skate around the neighborhood without being covered head to toe with protective gear…yet somehow we survived.  Back when a kid was allowed to stay in the car when the mechanic put it up on the hydraulic lift and you could pretend to fly and it was legal for all us kids to ride in the bed of a pickup truck on the way to the drive-in! Parents didn’t worry about giving us permission to walk 6-blocks to the drugstore so we could spend our allowance on candy for movie night.   In the 60’s, a neighborhood really was a community.  Parents knew each other, kids all played together and looked after each other, no one ever worried about where we were because wherever it was; someone knew us.  Ah, what a great time to be a kid!

Back then summer lasted forever!  What better time of year for a kid?  Summertime meant; campfires and sleeping outdoors, days at a time in a neighbor’s pool and endless drives to The Boardwalk, and riding our bikes to the empty school yard just to swing in the playground for what seemed like hours.  When I was a kid, the only time I spent inside during the daylight hours was to eat and sleep!  Sad to think so many kids of today are spending their beautiful summer vacation inside playing video games, wandering malls and text messaging. So if you are reading this and can make an impact on a young person’s summer by exposing them to the simple joys of being outside…you’ve given them memories they will cherish and pass on to future generations!

I was browsing Greeting Card Universe and found these cards to really speak about what those summers of my past meant to me…ENJOY!

Artists from Left to Right:  Maria Dryfhout, Joanne Mariol, Robert Mellon, Norma Nelson, Corrie Kuipers, Jason Trivett, Charlotte Yealey, Hot Rod Cards, Lj Maxx, Nancy Mink


17 thoughts on “Ah…Sweet Blessed Summertime!

  1. Crisp, neat, professional and inviting… Easy on the eyes and pleasing to the senses.
    Great new site, Doreen. And very nice, nostalgic Summer story.
    You should have grown up in the fifties… Nice as the sixties were, the fifties were better. This country was bursting with energy and hope!
    I could go on and on. That’s because your story did just what you intended… it touched our hearts and took us back home for a few blessed minutes. Thank you!

  2. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for stopping by and delighted you could venture back in time for a few minutes. My husband was a kid in the 50’s and we often chat about how similar as well as how different those times were.
    Thanks for stopping by!!

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  5. Doreen, You have the best story for summertime carnival. What you say is so true. It makes me want to go back to those days where kids could be more like kids and life was simpler. Beautiful writing ’cause you’re a treasure.

  6. Those where the days! Thanks for the memories with your great article.

    ’61 was great year … we were both born in it!!! ::wink:: haha..I would put a smile face but I don’t know how!

    Enjoy your summer

  7. Doreen, add another 1961 born to the list! I grew up in the suburbs too and wow your story hit home. Thanks for the trip back! Betsy

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  9. Makes me miss the simplicity of my childhood, I was born 6 years before you so I know how wonderful those days were. We lived, and still do , in this small little town where we never locked our doors ( though we have to now, unless I forget and leave the keys in the door all night, haha)

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