May’s Theme: The Rose!

Roses have been symbols of love and beauty, loss and friendship for hundreds of years. According to fossil evidence, this beautiful flower we give so freely is 35-million years old. It’s estimated that 5000 years ago, China began the garden cultivation we all enjoy today. In the days of old, roses were used as confetti at celebrations, to make perfume and for medicinal purposes. During the fifteenth century, white and red roses symbolized a conflict that became known as the “War of the Roses”. In the seventeenth century, royalty declared roses or rose-water legal tender for bartering and payments. Cultivated roses were introduced into Europe from China in the late eighteenth century and that’s where most modern-day repeat bloomers can be traced back to.

by Doreen Erhardt and the Salon of Art

The Meaning of Red Roses

Though today, we use the Red Rose primarily as a symbol of love, it is also one of the most universal roses is history. The color red evolved from a primal symbol of deep emotion. The Red Rose was tied to the goddess of love and used to decorate marriage ceremonies becoming a tradition for the bride to carry red roses. Love, romance, fidelity, respect, courage and passion are all expressed with the beauty of a red rose.
Express your emotion with the beautiful interpretations of the Pink Rose from my artist friends at Greeting Card Universe…
Artists from Left to Right: Wendy Valderrama, Irina Fraser’s Card Store, Kathryn Kelton, Studio Porto Sabbia, Judy Adamson, Jenny Marples, Rita Ballantyne, Gravityx9, Mary Taylor, Madeline M. Allen / Smudge Art Card Shop

Even Squirrels can be Romantic!

by Doreen Erhardt and the Salon of Art

The Meaning of Pink Roses

The Pink Rose back in Greek mythology were symbols of extreme suffering and even death due to Apollo turning Rhoanthe into a pink rose as punishment for claiming to be the protector of women. However today, the meaning behind the Pink Rose is much, much sweeter. It can symbolize a new romance which isn’t quite blooming with passion yet or to represent joy and affection. Pink Roses are divided into two categories – Light Pink Roses which symbolize gentleness, admiration and even sympathy and Dark Pink Roses which are a symbol of gratitude and appreciation. The most traditional meaning of the Pink Rose is motherly love. A story is told that when Mary saw her son carrying the cross of crucifixion she shed a tear which fell on barren ground, and from that tear grew the first and most perfect Pink Rose.Express your emotion with the beautiful interpretations of the Pink Rose from my artist friends at Greeting Card Universe…
Artists from Left to Right:  Bow N Ranch, Cynthia Chronister, Maria Dryfhout, Eve Parry, Brian Gryphon, Colleen Olson, Chihiro Yabe, Natalia Roitman, Maria Dryfhout, Mariana Musa

Amazing Woman Card by Doreen Erhardt

This card is from my Soul Sonnets™ Collection, currently found only at Salon of Art Gift Shop

A Bed of Roses
The meanings of Roses are so significant, as is the number of roses given. A single rose is love at first sight, thirteen roses are from a secret admirer, fifteen roses for a truly sincere apology and twenty-four roses mean you think about them 24-hours a day.
Lavender Roses are popular for romantic statements and everyday occasions. They are a sign of enchantment and majesty, wonder and impossibility.
White Roses symbolize purity, innocence, sympathy and spirituality, so they are primarily used for weddings and condolences on the loss of loved one.
Peach Roses symbolize appreciation and are most commonly associated with friendship.
Yellow Roses are the sign of joy and new beginnings. Great choice for graduations and new babies.
Express your emotions from this Garden of Roses collection of greeting cards by my artist friends at Greeting Card Universe…
Artists from Left to Right: Doreen Erhardt, Bow N Ranch, Doreen Erhardt, Beverly,, Dorothy McCorcle, Diana Evans, Red Rose Digital Art, Sherrie Rieger, Lora Severson

The Art of the Rose

The Rose has been subject matter for artists for centuries. All over the world artists have used the rose as a source of inspiration in their creations and today our creative spirits are still drawn to it’s grace and beauty.

Beauty in the Roses by Jezzi Kabret

Rose Fairy Dragon by Wren

Eternal Beauty By Michelle Wilder

Everythings Coming Up Roses!

We’ll see you again in June with another great theme to explore. In the meantime, be inspired…be imaginative…be a student of art and a teacher of others!


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